This Dress Belongs To..….. Falkner Gallery

This collection of dresses has taken me on a journey of discovery into my family history.

My journey of exploration covers a period of time from the 1830’s to the early 1900’s. Fortunately family history has been documented and I was the beneficiary of extensive research and photographs on which to base my work.

To this end I decided to make these women known. How they lived their lives may not have been remarkable but their courage, fortitude and love that they had for their families has taken me on a journey of reflection. I have honoured each woman by imagining the dress she wore; the dress is the metaphor for her life.

I am attracted to the patina of the old and rustic; I look for the story in the discarded and forgotten. I collect these things: rusty bits, scraps of lace and haberdashery. It is from my stash of nostalgic stuff that I have moulded the stories of the women of my history. Rusted, shaped metals and wire are mixed with found objects and vintage laces.

These dresses of traditional handwork transcend the mere decorative by creating domestic icons powerful and often innocently ironic.