Curds and Whey

Cheryl Kennedy Textile BowlCheryl Kennedy Textile Bowl 2 

Michael Wolfe Gallery Castlemaine State Festival 2015

Cheryl Kennedy and Linda McLean.

Even though our previous collaborations have taken several different forms, two elements always feature: a reverence for repetition and the use of controlled colour.

The bowl is a simple and humble everyday object; hence, the notion of ‘Curds & Whey.’ Yet, by placing each bowl in its own box, we attempted to elevate its status and give it greater prominence.

There are layers of ideas, plans, attempts, responses, imagination and concepts. Layers of fabric; fine English cotton batiste, butter muslin (interestingly, a component in the making of curds and whey), and vintage calico sheeting.

These have been wrapped, overlapped, folded, frayed and stitched. There are also layers of acrylic paint, chalk paint, glazes and oil pastels that are put on, cut back, rubbed, marked and scratched.

These many separate elements combine to form what we hope is a cohesive sculptural group.